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Happy Birthday to ME!

birthday-treat-free-shippingIt’s my Birthday today, so here is a treat for you! Free Shipping on any order of $25 or more when you shop online at my e-store, & enter Coupon Code: FORYOU  Offer Expires at midnight on October 7, 2016.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, not only because of my birthday (although to be honest, yes, that is a big part, lol).  I love the change in the weather, the crisp air, the colors on the trees, fresh-picked apples, apple pie baking & apple cider.  These are a few of my favorite fall things.  Pumpkins start to show up on porches & steps, then you know that Halloween & Thanksgiving are not far behind.  My daughter & son-in-law celebrated their first wedding anniversary on October 3, which coincidentally was also my best friend, Sharon’s anniversary.  I am sad to say that I lost Sharon in 2011 to ovarian cancer.  Her birthday was on October 13, so we were Libra partners in all sorts of shenanigans over the years.  This year is also my first birthday without my Mom here.  Change of seasons, changes in life, can be bittersweet; the memories & smiles, family & friends, they are what makes our lives so wonderful. Celebrate everyday!


What’s happening now?

Hi everyone. As you can see from my first post, I haven’t blogged in quite awhile.  Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way & that’s what happened to me.  I went through many significant life changes in a relatively short period of time. I was getting divorced, my Mom had serious health issues & passed away this past February (I miss her so much), we had to sell our family home, pack up & move everything into storage…talk about stressful!! Amidst all of this chaos, there have been some wonderful things happen, as well. My daughter was married on October 3, 2016 to her high school sweetheart; Lynnette & Michael are coming up on their first wedding anniversary & buying their first home. My son & I are so lucky that we are able to be living with family during our transition period until we find a new place to call home. I am so grateful to my family & so many people for their love & support. I am looking forward to renewing & building my Avon business.  I will finish my Avon Makeup Maven story at a later date.

Hello & Welcome

This is my first blog post on my new website. Since it is Throwback Thursday, it is only fitting that I go back to one of my original blog posts on my Avon e-store at:

Avon Makeup Mavens, Part 1

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I should start at the beginning…Avon had a video contest for Representatives; create a video beauty tutorial (face, eyes, lips, nails), no longer than 4 minutes long, upload your finished video & then have your family and friends vote for your tutorial.  Grand Prize was 3 nights in NYC for 4 regional winners, 2 nights in NYC for 60 divisional winners, & a Makeup Maven Pin for 850 District winners.  My tutorial was “Fabulous Fall Nails”, thanks to the efforts of my Production Crew, Director of Photography-Michael Klein, Stylist/Makeup & Sound Assistant, Lynnette Penoro, Set Design & Lighting Assistant, Matthew Penoro. Yes, this was a family collaboration, & you can see my video on YouTube at:  Filming took place on my birthday, & my video was uploaded on October 31, 2012 (my 1-year Avon anniversary) which was a little nerve-wracking, because we had lost power due to Superstorm Hurricane Sandy.  Well, they must have been my lucky days, because I was so excited & thrilled to be notified that not only was I the winner for my District #2282, but I was also the winner for Challenger Division, & now in the final selection for the Grand Prize.  I was 1 of 60 divisional winners from across the country & I had won the trip for 2 nights in NYC!! Check in soon to find out what happened next…


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